Our company began its activity in 1970 at the USSR. It is based on the production of consumer goods of a wide range.
   “VERIF” Co.Ltd. successfully works and has extensive experience in various industries. Since 2011, the company is engaged in processing the recycled PET raw materials, on the basis of which it produces polyester fiber. Today, “VERIF” Co.Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of polyester fibers from recycled PET in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

   The production potential of the enterprise is mainly the production and sale of a wide range of polyester staple fibers. The strategic objective of the enterprise was and remains to build partnerships with customers.

   Speed and convenience of customer service, high quality of products are the main priorities for employees. The entire production cycle is organized using high-tech equipment and a modern production and technological laboratory, in which quality control of raw materials and finished products is performed, which allows us to determine compliance with their current standards and technical conditions. The team created from leading experts from abroad, as well as from young and experienced employees who are highly qualified in the field of technology for the production of synthetic fibers, product quality control, organization of eco-friendly production, are constantly developing and introducing new materials and technologies for processing of recycled raw materials. This approach made it possible to build mutually beneficial relations with many partners in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the CIS countries, including near and far abroad.

   Having a modern production base, production and technological laboratory and equipped with innovative technologies, the company offers beneficial cooperation within the framework of an individual approach, mobility, efficiency and financial mutual benefit on the basis of a partnership project. The introduction of innovative principles enhances the professionalism of the enterprise, reflecting on the quality of products and the effectiveness of the cooperation scheme.

   If your production requires PET fiber of high quality and at the best price, we will always be happy to cooperate with you. Feel free to contact our sales department using the contacts listed on our website.

   “VERIF” Co.Ltd. together with the European company “TURANLAR” (Turkey) developed and launched the production of cabinet furniture. All specialists in this branch have been trained and practiced in Istanbul, Turkey. Today, “VERIF” Co.Ltd. successfully produces a wide range of furniture. High quality control, project development, design and ergonomics, a delicate approach to every project detail guarantees you sophistication of furniture.

   “VERIF” Co.Ltd. jointly with Armenian specialists developed and launched the production of “Armenian-Lavash” and for many years modernizing this production strictly following the Armenian technology has been successfully working in this direction.