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Our company also produces packaging tape from recycled PET.
Today, our products occupy a significant place in the market of plastic packaging tapes of Uzbekistan. Modern equipment makes it possible to produce various sizes of packaging tapes for various groups of consumers and goods.

The technological process of our equipment with the possibility of preliminary drying and crystallization of PET flakes allows us to manufacture PET tape with a high degree of strength and any color of products.
Homogeneous melt - guarantee of maximum tensile strength.

The polyester packaging tape has high stability, limited elongation, does not change its properties under conditions with sharp temperature fluctuations and is not exposed to ultraviolet rays. PET tape is more flexible, therefore it is suitable for packaging the goods whose volume changes under the influence of heat or vibration.
• Due to its higher elasticity, PET tape does not cause damage to the edges of goods packaged.
• PET tape does not rust, which is an important advantage of the material. 
• The risk of injury is noticeably lower. 
• Made from waste of PET bottles, they are significantly cheaper than other packaging materials.

Our products are made in bobbins weighing from 20 to 25 kg. The systematical quality control of incoming raw materials (PET flakes) and finished products for compliance with their current standards and technical conditions is performed in the production – technological laboratory.

PET packaging tape - a modern packaging material which appeared relatively recently, but rightfully occupies a leading position in the binding direction - this is a polyester packaging tape. Like a steel tape, PET tape has a direct and basic functionality:
• Strapping heavy, bulky goods.
• Binding of chemical fibers and cotton bales.
• For transportation and storage of industrial woods. 
• Constructional industry.

Lightness of material also allows using packing equipment of various modifications to pack not only bulky goods, but also small ones, such as household appliances, electrical appliances, with their subsequent transportation and storage. Tight and reliable fixation of goods allows to transport in guaranteed without any harm to packaged goods.