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Processing the recycled polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) into granules is carried out at our enterprise.
Disposal of these materials begins with the timely sorting of waste. High-quality processing the waste of of these polymers does not actually affect the basic properties of the material, which is not much inferior to the primary one. The present modern equipment and a competent approach to the processing the recycled material into granules enable to get a quality product. Granules are a fine-grained bulk material consisting of cylindrical, spherical and ellipsoidal shapes. The granule size from 0.2-1.5 cm allows the production of various types of products. Due to their properties these granules are used in many sectors of various industries. They are the manufacture of cast products, construction products, consumer goods (fittings, pipes, car spare-parts, hosepipes, non-woven material, roofing materials, packaging materials, household containers, polymer tiles, etc.).
During their production there is no dust pollution, they are easily painted. These properties allow the production of granules in different colors. The characteristic features of these granules are the absence of odor, toxins and resistance to chemicals.
Secondary polymers in granules are packaged in bags weighing 25 kg. and can be stored in warehouses, it is not afraid of increased humidity and other unfavorable conditions, and also does not experience bacterial effects. They are very durable and non- conductive. In addition to the granules to be produced, upon a request of the customer, we have the opportunity to develop a mixture of granules directly in accordance with its requirements.
The production process of secondary granules passes the necessary technological control. Immediately before processing, the waste is sorted by type, then crushing, cleaning, modification, drying and granulation of raw material.